Pictures of Womanhood

Visual and audio-visual arts are projections of their surrounding reality.  As their power to reach the masses and their level of popularity increase, they can become part of the mainstream rhetoric production. Therefore, it is possible to say that these art forms are influenced by imaginings about women across time and space, and that they contribute to the formation and transformation of such imaginings. On the other hand, it is also within the capacity of these realms of discourse to challenge the de facto womanhood definitions or to transform them through alternative forms of agency. How do women relate to art? How do visual and auditory forms of art create images and norms of femininity, and how can they transform them? What are the ways in which art criticism intersects with women’s activism?


Dr. Sevim Zehra Can Kaya

Vice Chairwoman, KADEM

Assoc. Prof. Ayşe Taşkent

Lecturer, Istanbul University- Cerrahpaşa

Hümeyra Şahin

Historian- Writer, Advisor to the President of Türkiye, Member of Culture and Art Policies Council

Samah Safi Bayazid

Film Director & Producer. Co-Founder & Producer, Light Art VR

Ayşe Akova 

Designer, Cartoonist, Podcaster