Women and Justice Summit was realized in Istanbul between 24-25 November 2014 by the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and Women and Democracy Association. The Summit, to which ministers and vice-ministers from nine countries as well as academics, researchers, writers, journalists and non-governmental organization representatives from various countries attended, was commenced with the honoring of the President of the Republic. During session held at the level of ministers, relevant countries’ policies on the woman, the family and women’s problems were evaluated, and during the other sessions, women’s problems were dealt with and discussed from different perspectives.

Topics discussed by the participants from several countries at the Women and Justice Summit from different perspectives include Women in Politics and Decision Making Mechanisms, Justice and Equality in the Context of Gender, Work Life and Gender, Abuse of Women in the Media, Cultural Codes and Gender as the Reason for Marginalization, Violence against Women, War Victim Immigrant and Refugee Women, and Women Trafficking.