The main theme of the Third International Women and Justice Summit to be held this year by KADEM in cooperation with the Ministry of Family Labour and Social Services of Republic of Turkey is “Family Empowerment”. This Summit will take place in Istanbul from the 23th to the 24th of November 2018.

KADEM will be addressing from different angles the concept of family as the basic unit of society and threats awaiting the family. Families established on the basis of mutual love and respect, commitment, understanding, empathy and kind relations introduce happy and emotionally healthy individuals into society; while unhappy families that lack love and respect and are in turmoil with conflicts, violence and fights cause the emergence of an unhealthy psychological and sociological order that spreads from individuals to the society as a whole.

Departing from this point of view, KADEM aims to draw national and international public attention towards the policies and suggestions regarding family structure that is based on strong relations and connections, and thus raise awareness on the subject. To serve this purpose, the Summit aims to bring together government officials from different countries, as well as political actors, women entrepreneurs, academics, researchers, journalists, activists and civil society representatives to discuss and negotiate the relevant issues from several different aspects.

In addition to sessions in which the presentations and speeches are delivered, a Leaders’ Session will be held by ministers of family and social policies or relevant officials from different countries, and policies and practices of each country related to family will be discussed in detail. His Excellency Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey and his wife Emine Erdogan will also grace the Third International Women and Justice Summit with their presence. Following the protocol speeches to be delivered by the President of KADEM, the Minister of Family, Labour and Social Services, and His Excellency Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the “Leaders’ Session” will begin with the attendance of people who are leading figures in their respective countries.

The protocol speeches and the ministers’ session, which will take place on the first day, will be followed by parallel sessions on the second day. During the sessions, presentations will be delivered about developments, success stories, and ongoing problems in different areas in terms of family empowerment, which will also focus on establishing the facts and offering solutions in these issues.

All expenses of the participants invited to the Third International Women and Justice Summit will be covered by the organization.

The summit book consisting of summaries of presentations delivered at the summit will be published both in English and Turkish.

The summit will be multilingual. Participants will be able to deliver presentations either English or Turkish. Simultaneous translation service will be provided for presentations.