Aişe Akova

Designer, cartoonist ve podcaster

Germany – Türkiye

Ayşe (Aişe) Akova was born in 1982 in Germany, her grandfather and father are from the first generation who came to Germany as workers, so she is a Gastarbeiterkind, i.e. migrant worker’s child. She is one of the first Turkish-origin women in Germany to complete vocational high school education in the media after primary and secondary school. She has worked as a designer for years in the field of media and then graduated from Media Design and Film department at the university in Köln. In her graduation thesis, she made a documentary called Borderkids about the educational situation of the refugee children living in the border region of Turkey.

She was both editor and designer of the children’s magazine ‘Gökkuşağı’ published in Europe for 10 years. This magazine won the best childrens magazine award at TÜYAP magazine fair in 2016.

Akova is also a cartoonist and continues publishing her comic series titled Ayse in Almanland on social media. Akova has also launched a podcast in 2022 called blabla ablas in German, introducing successful and role model Muslim women living Germany and telling their stories.

She continues her diverse work in the field of media and art and is currently working as a designer for the bilingual publishing house ‘plural publications’ in Germany. Ayşe Akova speaks five languages including German.