Dr. Sevim Zehra Can Kaya

Vice Chairperson of Executive Board of KADEM


Born in Istanbul in 1981, she completed her secondary education at Üsküdar Religious High School and her high school education in an English-focused program at Kadıköy Religious High School in 1999. She graduated with a degree from the Television Journalism Department of the Faculty of Communication of Istanbul Bilgi University in 2005. She organized various awareness programs through activities of clubs and societies during her university years. She was involved in voluntary efforts, especially on abuse of rights,  with various non-governmental organizations during her university years and the following period. She also continued her education and participated in different seminars and workshops related to contemporary Turkish literature. She made presentations at social sciences symposiums. In 2016 she got her master’s degree from the Social Sciences Institute of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation University, with her thesis titled “Social Concepts in Letâif-i Rivâyât within the context of Translation Approach of Ahmet Mithat Efendi.” In the same year, she was accepted to Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation University Graduate Education Institute with a scholarship and completed her doctoral education in 2021 with her dissertation titled “Social Anxiety in Contemporary Turkish Literature.” She currently continues her academic career as a Dr. Lecturer at Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University. She also works on making publications on academic and contemporary issues, and voluntary civil society projects.

Kaya has a good command of English and she is married with three children.