Assoc. Prof. Ayşe Taşkent

Lecturer – İstanbul University (Cerrahpaşa)


She got her Ph.D. Degree in Islamic Philosophy with her dissertation titled ‘Aesthetics of Al-Farabi, Avicenna, and Ibn Rushd’ at Marmara University, where she also got her bachelor’s and master’s degrees previously, in 2009. Her Ph.D. dissertation was published under the title Chasing Beauty: Aesthetics of Al-Farabi, Avicenna, and Ibn Rushd in 2011. Her published works include ‘Poetics of Avicenna and Al-Farabi,’ ‘Visual Culture of Islam: Depiction, Theory, and Practice,’ and ‘Ascension of Prophet Muhammad and Destination of His Journey in the Ottoman Cultural Sphere.’ Taşkent’s areas of interest and study are Islamic Art and Orientalist Approaches, studies on Aesthetics in Turkey, Islamic Philosophy and poetics, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Art, and visual culture in Islam. She is currently a lecturer in the Faculty of Education of Istanbul University (Cerrahpaşa) and still continues her academic efforts.