Women At Work

Today, economic power is defined as one of the most important determinants of women’s position in society. In many countries, women are in a disadvantageous position in terms of access to social security, employment and education. On the other hand, norms regarding professional womanhood are creating different social perceptions and their own marginalized others. What norms determine the position of women in working life today, and what factors make them fragile? In what ways can the participation of women in the labor force be increased qualitatively and quantitatively? In which areas and stages should women be supported for economic empowerment? How can balance be achieved in women’s work and family life?


Emine Melek Cevahiroğlu

Board Member of KADEM 

Dr. Hayat Sindi 


Dr. Ruha Shadab

Founder & CEO, LedBy Foundation

Yasemin Gür Solmaz

Board Member, Gürmen Group

Marlyse R. Ndjenga

Publishing Director, Valeurs Ajoutées Magazine