Yasemin Gür Solmaz

Gürmen Group Board Member


After having started first with the logistic warehouse in the London operation at our family business Gürmen Giyim Sanayii, then served as project manager of Ramsey London, the first Turkish store opened at Regent Street as part of the merchandising project of the group. Afterwards, I worked in the areas of production planning, logistics and growth strategies in the global management of Foreign Trade at the Istanbul headquarters. After developing my managerial skills through various positions I assumed in the company, I currently serve as a member of the Company’s Board of Directors. I am also member of the Board of Directors of Gökkale and Maspo Energy, the Agriculture and Energy affiliates of the company.

After taking part in sectoral organizations and women’s NGOs in the UK, I am still serving at TOBB Women Entrepreneurs Board, W20 boards and several NGOs in Turkey. I am a member of DEİK (Foreign Economic Relations Board), Executive Committee of Turkey-England Business Council, and Turkey-Canada Business Council.