Dr. Ruha Shadab

Founder and CEO, LedBy Foundation

India & USA

Ruha Shadab is an award-winning medical doctor, social entrepreneur, and global health consultant with a history of creating impact for the past 10 years. She received the prestigious Harvard Public Service Fellowship, for her master’s. Upon graduation, she was the first Indian to be awarded the Harvard Kennedy School Women’s Leadership Award for her commitment to building community and for serving as a role model for women aspiring to be leaders. Currently, she serves as the CEO of her Harvard-incubated and seed-funded organization, LedBy Foundation. It is the first Indian leadership incubator that works on improving equity in the workplace for the country’s largest under-represented community of women. Ruha is incredibly passionate about market-oriented solutions to accelerate economies’ transition to a more cohesive, respectful, and inclusive model by empowering women’s health; and eliminating entry and retention barriers for underrepresented women.