26 NOVEMBER 12.40-14.10

What It Means To Be A Human In The Digital Age?


Humans changed the world that they live in impressively, thanks to many ideas and inventions they developed throughout the history. Inventing the wheel, the humans succeeded in the development of machines and technologies that would explore the depths of space. He found new ways to exist and survive every time and demonstrated a striking adaptation and decisiveness in order to transform change into an advantage. The digital age has given a new direction to our life with technology. In this age, which opens the door to the instrumentalization and exploitation of human beings as well as improving our human aspects with its psychological and sociological effects, how does human beings continue to be the main actor of life? How can we preserve our sense of humanity strongly in the digital age, when artificial intelligence and machines achieve high performance?

Dr. Esra Kartal Soysal
Dr. Esra Kartal Soysal (CV )


Assoc. Prof. Ahmet Dağ

Assoc. Prof. Ahmet Dağ


Transformation Of The Human

Akan Abdula

Akan Abdula
FutureBright Group CO-FOUNDER


Decision Making In The Digital Age

Prof. Dr. Acar Baltaş

Prof. Dr. Acar Baltaş


Psychology Of The Digital Age